PrimePod was founded by Rumana Khan, the Director, whose passion for Property goes way back to her childhood, when she decided to design and build her dream home one day whilst roaming the forests in Bavaria, Germany.

She became a Structural Engineer to pursue this dream combining her strengths in Science and Arts to graduate with a Master Degree in Architectural and Structural Engineering from the UK followed with a decade of working in London on major international Design Projects across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

From Design Engineer to Project Manager and Business Development Manager she has constantly been learning and developing her skills and knowledge to enforce her love for property whilst buying her first home in London at the age of 28 and continuing to pursue her dream to have that perfect family home one fine day.

Zest for property whether Old or Modern
She encountered several hurdles in her property journey as a buying client but also learnt about the Real Estate Industry whilst selling her home and earning respect for generating high ROI in knock down and rebuilds as well as investments in large subdivision construction projects. Along this journey she encountered an industry that is heavily mistrusted and disliked and made it her goal to change this perception by creating awareness and educating the community. Coming across many buyers and sellers disappointed with the service provided she decided to become a real estate agent herself with a genuine passion and eagerness for providing great service and aim for satisfaction that goes beyond the expected.

Believing in strong long-lasting relationships Rumana implements her values in every aspect of her life, whether professional or personal with an open-minded positive attitude that wants to take on the world to make it a better place.

She is working on fulfilling her dream of a Non-for-profit organisation to support children, women and anyone in need across the world to do her part of eradicating negativity from the society.

Our Vision

Creating awareness and educating our Clients in every aspect until the ultimate property goal is achieved is the intended outcome of our engagement. We believe in a transparent partnership to allow all parties to make informed, educated and calculated decisions, whether Clients or Business Partners. Our simple processes and tailored communication strategies allow for a smooth and pleasant experience when dealing with PrimePod creating a strong foundation for our business meant to last like.

We see a Real Estate Industry that personifies Properties to identify their true worth and character rather than just bricks and mortar. There is life in property even if it is not organic, which will give you that positive or negative vibe, just like people.

Vision beyond the horizon

Our Values

Righteousness – Our overarching core value hosting Transparency, Honesty, Loyalty, Trust and a Positive outlook. There is not much than can be said about righteousness, as it speaks for itself and can only be experienced in real life by the actions we take.

Long-term Partnerships – We believe in our brand and quality which we like to maintain, which is why our Clients and Partners not only strengthen our relationship, but also enforce it by recommending our business due to its different approach. These relationships are meant to last beyond a lifetime like founding stones in solid built cities but also open new doors to new opportunities.

“A long journey is more pleasant with company. Make PrimePod your property companion.”