Why the Time to buy is always NOW

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Wondering whether this is the right time to buy? All my Clients and friends ask me the same question and all I say is that the time is NOW. Why do I say that? To  understand the impact of delaying the purchase of a property I have simply shared a graph. 

The visualisation indicates the increase in value of the property over 20 years based on a 5% capital growth. Also showing the figures of rental payments made over this period – money that has been going to someone else. 

We are no financial planners and none of us can predict the future of Real Estate based on historical data. But the probability of creating your future wealth today by purchasing is definitely something I would explore, wouldn’t you? 

Looking at the data one thing is clear to me. What I sow today I will harvest in 20 years time. So the longer you wait to buy your property to create your future wealth, the further you will be moving away from it. 

The average time it takes a household to save money for a deposit is outrun by the speed of which property prices growing. If lack of Deposit money is holding you back, our Partners at AffordAssist have your back. Speak to us today to find out how as little as $10,000 could get you the keys to your own home. 

This is a special First Home Buyer Program, but is suitable to anyone who can potentially service a mortgage and is prepared to contribute to monthly savings to make it happen. 

Data source: AffordAssist

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